This is the place students can download the additional files and reference materials they will need to complete their study. 

Unit Title Xero MYOB Business
BSBFIA302 Process payroll blue-download.jpg blue-download.jpg
BSBFIA401 Prepare Financial Reports blue-download.jpg blue-download.jpg
BSBHRM416 Process Payroll blue-download.jpg
FNSACC416 Set up and Operate Computerised Accounting System blue-download.jpg blue-download.jpg
Process transactions, administer accounts and extract interim reports blue-download.jpg blue-download.jpg
FNSTPB401 Complete Business Activity and Instalment Activity Statements
FNSTPB402 Establish and Maintain Payroll Systems blue-download.jpg blue-download.jpg
FNSACC304 Conduct business activities using a computerised accounting system blue-download.jpg
BSBITU314 Design and Produce Spreadsheets Excel 2016 blue-download.jpg
BSBITU402 Develop and Use Complex Spreadsheets Excel 2016 blue-download.jpg
FNSACC313 Perform Financial Calculations blue-download.jpg
FNSACC414 Prepare Financial Statements for Non Reporting Entities blue-download.jpg


Click on the links below to download instructions on setting up two-step authentication when first logging into Xero.

Setting up two-step authentication using a smart phone

Setting up two-step authentication without a smart phone

Below is a link to a Xero video that also takes you through the process