This is the place students can download the additional files and reference materials they will need to complete their study plus instructions for setting up two-step authentication in Xero.    

Unit Title Student Files
Teach Yourself Xero Set Up and Operate Xero for Small Business blue-download.jpg
Teach Yourself Xero Process and Manage Payroll using Xero blue-download.jpg
FNSACC416 Set up and Operate Computerised Accounting System 3rd Edition blue-download.jpg
FNSACC416 Set up and Operate Computerised Accounting System 4th Edition blue-download.jpg
FNSTPB401 Complete Business Activity and Instalment Activity Statements blue-download.jpg
FNSTPB402 Establish and Maintain Payroll Systems blue-download.jpg
FNSACC304 Conduct business activities using a computerised accounting system blue-download.jpg
BSBFIA302 Process Payroll blue-download.jpg
BSBHRM416 Process Payroll blue-download.jpg
BSBITU402 Develop and Use Complex Spreadsheets Excel 2016 blue-download.jpg
FNSACC313 Perform Financial Calculations blue-download.jpg
BSBFIA401 Prepare Financial Reports blue-download.jpg
FNSACC414 Prepare Financial Statements for Non Reporting Entities blue-download.jpg
FNSACC405 Maintain Inventory Records  
Xero Essentials Xero Essentials blue-download.jpg
FNSACC311 Process Financial Transactions and Extract Interim Reports  
FNSACC312 Administer Subsidiary Accounts and Ledgers  
Xero Business Xero Business
BSBFIA301 Maintain Financial Records
BSBFIA303 Process Accounts Payable and Receivable
BSBFIA304 Maintain a General Ledger


Click on the links below to download instructions on setting up two-step authentication when first logging into Xero.

Setting up two-step authentication using a smart phone

Setting up two-step authentication without a smart phone

Below is a link to a Xero video that also takes you through the process