We have Apps to make viewing the eBooks quicker and easier. Once you purchase an eBook and activate it you have access to it online but you can also download the App suitable for your device so you can download the eBook(s) and view them offline.

The App below is just for PC users but more Apps for various device types will be available shortly.

  1. Display this page in Google Chrome
  2. Click on the link below to download the app files


  3. Double click on the download which should should appear in the lower left corner of the Chrome browser window
  4. Extract the files opting to display folder when finished
  5. Locate the exe file and right click on it
  6. Click on the option to Send to then Desktop - this will create a shortcut for you to open the library
  7. Look for the shortcut on your desktop and double click to open
  8. When you open the library and log in  your purchased eBooks will appear
  9. When you open a book to view it you will be able to opt to download it - this will enable you to read it without using wifi. 
NOTE: You may need to connect to the Internet when you first log in but after that you should be able to view offline. If you have more than one eBook you will need to opt to download each eBook.